Created back in 1989 by the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority (GCRA), Neighborhood Housing is the oldest affordable housing non-profit organization in Greenville county, and was involved in these activities before gentrification was a hot topic of discussion and concerns.

Since then, we have led the effort to place families and individuals in housing they could afford. We have helped Greenville and its surrounding communities grow by providing assistance in these three key areas:



We custom build homes for low to moderate income families in the Upstate. We work with homeowners and local lenders to identify financing opportunities, and we provide down payment assistance and closing cost resources. In our history serving the Upstate, we have built over 300 homes in many communities around Greenville, and are continuing to do so today, with a new project about to start very soon.

Recently, Neighborhood Housing remodeled its activities and business model yet again by offering home-ownership through the rehabbing of homes that are sold once the renovation project is completed. We believe it to be the true future of our industry, and a way to tackle the affordable housing issues in today's situation and market. It preserves Upstate residents from slumlords or rising prices, preserves neighborhoods by rejuvenating "abandoned" houses, and provides our organization with some extra liquidity to build reserves that will be re-injected in the building of new rentals. It has even been recommended by GCRA as a very serious option to the problem.


Rental properties

We built and own a few duplex units for low-income seniors, as well as detached homes for low to moderate income families. All of them are very conveniently located, close to downtown, shopping areas and bus-stops.  All of our rentals were built after 2010, and are EnergyStar certified.   

We accept section 8 vouchers in both cases.



We rehabilitate qualified owner-occupied properties and provide resources for affordable housing. Read about examples here.

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee(CAC) is appointed by the Neighborhood Housing Corporation Board, and consists of 3-5 members who serve a two year term at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.  The purpose of this committee is to advise the board and staff on issues of concern to moderate to low wealth families and to recommend locations for construction.