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Spartanburg Rebuilt Project

The County of Spartanburg was the recipient of HOME Partnership grant funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Having access to these funds, Spartanburg Partnership Rebuilds program partnered with Neighborhood Housing.

A grant for nearly $433,000 was presented to assist with the demolition and reconstruction, of four (4) owner occupied homes, owned by low income families.

The following properties were included in this program:  22 Pine Street, 105 and 229 Southern Ave. and 641 Washington Way –all in Spartanburg County.

The process for the home owners to qualify was arduous.  The County of Spartanburg verified that these homes had fallen into such disrepair that rehabilitation was not an option.  The home owners were required to sign over their property and home to the HOME program in exchange for a deferred-forgivable loan(*). The home had to be (close to) paid up, as the grant budget per home could not afford to cover an eventual mortgage.  Income Eligibility was based on “Section 8” as defined by HUD.

Neighborhood Housing met with home owners to have their input as to things like colors, materials, and any necessary changes to the approved plans.

Neighborhood Housing assisted home owners with inventorying personal items and furniture to be stored during building period.  The home owners were temporarily housed in safe and comfortable Extended Stay facilities(*) until homes were completed. 

Likewise support was given as “moving in” day finally came about an all were grateful.

Needless to say, all homeowners were pleased with their new and attractive homes.

However, one homeowner stands out for all who met her.  Ms. Fannie, age 85, had lived in her home in Una (Spartanburg) neighborhood almost 50 years.  Sadly, after her husband’s death, she could not afford repairs.  The home was falling in on her, causing mold everywhere and little protection from the elements-especially rain, utility bills reaching ridiculous levels for lack of proper insulation, holes in both unleveled floors or falling-in ceilings...  A dialysis patient three times a week, she desperately needed a place where she could safely and comfortably set in after each of her trips to the hospital, and, still to date, she cannot believe her beautiful new home.

In her own words, and to summarize her bliss: “No more buckets!”  Mission accomplished.

(*) The program was so designed that Neighborhood Housing was covering all the expenses incurred by owners from beginning to end, such as moving expenses, storage building for the duration of the rebuild, extended stay in a hotel facility.

Finally, in the end, home owner takes back ownership of their home with a new “mortgage” in the form of a 0% forgivable loan. A forgivable loan is such a loan that you do not repay as long as you stay in that house for the duration of the loan.

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How would you like for your church or organization to be part of such a wonderful, difference-making program? Contact us and find out how you could, through your sponsoring, change the life of an upstate resident, or family.