Demolition Bids For Blighted Properties

Neighborhood Housing Corporation of Greenville is seeking demolition bids for blighted properties under the Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) for six properties located within Greenville County.   Habitat for Humanity and Neighborhood Housing Corporation are working together to complete the removal of blighted structures and this bid addresses the following locations:

  • 104 Middleton
  • 114 Middleton
  • 107 Odessa
  • 5 10th Street
  • 3 Bryant Street
  • 306 Fletcher Street

The Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) is designed to stabilize property values and prevent future foreclosures for existing property owners in strategically targeted areas through the removal of blighted structures.

NIP is a joint venture of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority and the SC Housing Corp. (SCHC), a not-for-profit corporation.  NIP is made possible by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

If you are interested in bidding on the 6 properties as a single package please see the attached bid package. If you have any questions please contact Frédéric Lassausaie at (864) 423-4047.

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