The Harris Family


“NHC helped make our dream a reality.”

“I NEVER THOUGHT I would own my own home, but my daughter was my inspiration. I saw her fix her credit and pick out her house and I said ‘I can do that.’

“I told NHC which house I wanted. I picked out the lot just across from my daughter’s house and watched it just about every day, from the day they cleared the lot to the day the house was finished.

“The closing went really well, but I did not know how to act when I walked out with the keys to My House. It was wonderful!

“I love the closet space; we did not have any in the other places we lived and having two bathrooms that are big enough to move around in is wonderful.

“Owning a home has been everything I ever wanted and more. I could not have done it without my daughter and my co-workers’ support and all the help from the NHC.”

–The Harris Family, successful Freetown home buyers