Getting Started

Who May Qualify?

Individuals; couples; single parents; families; seniors and retirees; and adults with disabilities

In most cases, families making up to 80% of the median income for the area in which they are going to live can qualify:

Greenville County/Mauldin/Easley

50%     $20,400(1 per)     $23,300(2 ppl)     $26,200(3 ppl)     $29,100(4 ppl)     $31,450(5 ppl)

60%     $24,480(1 per)     $27,960(2 ppl)     $31,440(3 ppl)     $34,920(4 ppl)     $37,740(5 ppl)

80%     $32,600(1 per)     $37,250(2 ppl)     $41,900(3 ppl)     $46,550(4 ppl)     $50,300(5 ppl)

Please call for additional information at (864) 631-2041


Are there houses that are ready to move into or does my house need to be built?

Both! We might have houses that have recently been constructed, as well as vacant lots where we can build your new home, customized just for you.


How Do I Get Started with the Application Process?

Fill out and submit an online application here: Online Application


Download, fill out, and e-mail or mail your application here: Download Application


Contact our office at (864) 631-2041 and our staff will work with you to complete the application and determine if you qualify.